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Willowood USA

Manufacturer Of High Quality, Generic Crop Protection Products
Willowood USA is an Oregon-based company that develops, formulates and markets generic crop protection products for the U.S. agriculture industry. The company produces high quality products that provide an affordable alternative to those produced by large, foreign-based companies.
•    The company focuses on providing superior products and service to the agricultural markets throughout the United States.
•    Willowood USA can and will develop specific products for all crop segments, where opportunities exist.

Willowood USA Delivers Quality!
Their list of products include generic: herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators and a full line of proprietary spray adjuvants. Only the finest grades of active ingredients are used to produce Willowood USA’s crop protection products. They are a safe, effective alternative to name brand products.

Willowood USA Will Save You Money!
It is a proven fact that generic agricultural crop protection products are far less expensive than their name brand counterparts.  Combine the value of generic products with Willowood’s team of experienced professionals and you are sure to Save Money.

Willowood USA’s Distribution Partners!
Willowood USA has distribution partners strategically located throughout all the agricultural growing regions of the United States. These distribution partners have been selected to distribute Willowood USA products because they provide excellent product knowledge and customer service to the American farmer.

Willowoodusa.com. The Place to Find Solutions
You are invited to visit willowoodusa.com for a complete list of products, specification sheets, SDS, product labels and much more.

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